I’m nobody to you, and you are nobody to me. That sounds bad, I don’t mean it that way. In our lives filled with social media, instant pictures, instant information, an instant window into the very private life of a person I like a little anonymity. I like the mystery of the closed door, the text of a faraway author whom you’ve never met, the story of a person whom you are forced to imagine, there is no image blazing to a tiny screen held in your hand. I like a world where there is technology but it is kept at bay by human interaction, reading, writing, laughter, nature and the like.

For me, this is a place to be, to vent, to expose, to frolic. This place is safe. You are not in my backyard, I’m not standing on your doorstep, we are people who have never met, and probably never will. The world is spinning fast and some days I can barely keep up; this is a place where the moment is taken in, words are savored, life slows just a bit.

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